Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dr. Barbara Christmas

On Friday, July 29 at noon, Dr. Barbara Christmas will be the guest speaker for Politics and Lunch. Her topic will be "The Politics of Education." Politics and Lunch is a monthly gathering of people who are interested in how politics impacts well-being in our community. While the bent is decidedly democratic, we address a variety of issues and welcome people of all political perspectives. We meet at the Willow on Fifth, and lunch costs $10.00, including tip. Make reservations by emailing,

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cox Leads Taylor 84.6% to 15.4% in GWV Online Poll

In Georgia Women VOTE!'s web-based poll, from July 8-July 22, 2005, Cathy Cox has a substantial lead over rival Mark Taylor. While the poll is non-scientific, the numbers are very interesting. Participate in the poll at . Take a look at the current tally:
GWV Poll
If the Democratic Primary was held today, who would you support for Governor of Georgia?
Cathy Cox (137 Votes) [ 84.6%]
Mark Taylor (25 Votes) [ 15.4%]
Other (0 Votes) [ 0.0%]

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Trouble for Roe or Rove?

George Bush’s choice today of John Roberts, for many, signals trouble for Roe. Not to trivialize the potential impact on this important decision, but, could it be that Bush’s choice actually signals more trouble for Rove? Couple the “leaks”, taking the press on a day-long rabbit chase, with the nomination of a judge who will no doubt create a firestorm, and the Bush administration has accomplished the goal of pulling the press off the Rove story. Hmmm…maybe things are worse for Rove than Roe!

Will Edith Brown Clement be the Next SCOTUS Justice?

Rumor has it that at 9PM tonight, President Bush will announce his nominee for the United States Supreme Court:

EDITH BROWN CLEMENT -- When she was nominated to that post in 2001, the U.S. Senate confirmed her with a 99-0 vote. She is a devout Catholic and a maritime lawyer. She has ruled to uphold a Texas law that limits funding to health clinics where abortion services are performed. She is pro-defendant in civil rights cases, which means that she has a proclivity to side with the civil rights defenders. Some conservative legal analysts have determined that she is more conservative than Sandra Day O’Connor, but there is no evidence that she would overturn Roe v Wade. Unfortunately for the reproductive rights community and allies, her lack of record on these issues could mask her future intent.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Franklin Success!!

Patty Payne- you go girl!! Those of you who could not make the kick-off for the brand new Franklin County Democratic Party missed a great event. The committee had sold 350 tickets before the gate opened!! Cathy Cox was the first speaker eloquently made the case for a "New Georgia" where people work together to do what's best for all Georgians, regardless of party. Anyone who ever wondered whether the Democratic Party in Georgia was alive and got a clear affirmative answer on Saturday. Franklin County is just one example of a phenomenon that is happening all over Georgia. Democrats are starting early and organizing in a unprecedented fashion. We know that we have an opportunity for gains in 2006 and for the good of the state, plan to take full advantage.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Kings Park Neighborhood Association

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a luncheon sponsored by the Kings Park Neighborhood Association in Macon. Terrill Hill, who many in middle Georgia know through his years of political and neighborhood activism, helped to host this event. I enjoyed the event, not just because the BBQ'd chicken was the best I have ever tasted, but because it is evident that this is a community where the citizens have taken a hands-on approach to cleaning up their neighborhood and helping their children arrive at school ready to learn. In this community, the neighbors have come together. They have reached out to those in authority- Sheriff Modena, D.A. Howard Simms and DFCS director Marjorie Almand were all in attendance-building relationships that make all the difference when there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Good for them! The luncheon was held in the computer lab the neighbors have built for the after school tutoring program. I could not help but notice that there were not enough computers to fill the desktops! Maybe some generous soul has a few to spare? We often talk about what's wrong in our neighborhoods. Here's an example of a group that's all action and no talk!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Patty Payne is one amazing women. Thanks to her efforts and her vision, on Saturday, several North Georgia counties will come together to BBQ the candidates. Okay, check that. I mean for BBQ and to meet the candidates. Democrats who are running for constitutional offices will be present and so will local elected officials. Come, for a great time, great food and to support the Franklin County Democratic Party.

The Franklin County Democratic Party's Hosting A Bar-B-Que Fundraiser
Saturday, July 16, 2005
Starting at 5:00 pm
At the Harmony Hill Arena
1114 Hale Crossing Rd., Royston, GA
On Saturday, July 16, 2005
Casual Dress

Democratic candidates for statewide office will address the Northeast Georgia Democratic BBQ at the Harmony Hill Arena outside Royston. BBQ plates will be served beginning at 4:30pm for $10. This is a great opportunity for Northeast Georgia to come out and hear where Democrats want to take the state, said Patty Payne, Chair of the Franklin County Democratic Party. And there's nothing better than an old-fashioned political BBQ to hear their ideas. There will be music, door prizes and plenty of opportunities for citizens to speak with candidates personally as they mingle with the crowd. We are also thrilled to have Franklin County's own representatives, Rep. Jeanette Jamieson (D-Toccoa) and Rep. Alan Powell (D-Hartwell), said Frank Dunson, co-chair of the Franklin County Democratic Party. "All citizens, all voters, regardless of their party preference, are invited to this barbeque to meet the candidates," he continued. For further information, telephone 706-356-2253.

Directions to Harmony Hill Arena: GA 51 west of Royston in the Sandy Cross community, then left onto Hale Crossing Road.

Featured Guests:
Candidates for Georgia Governor:Secretary of State Cathy Cox; Sacha Taylor, speaking for husband Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor
Candidates for Lieutenant Governor:Former State Senator Greg Hecht, Former State Representative Jim Martin
Candidates for Secretary of State:Former State Senator Carol Jackson,Angela Moore, Shyam Reddy
Candidate for Attorney General:Attorney General Thurbert Baker
Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner:Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin
Candidate for State School SuperintendentCarlotta Harrell
Candidate for Insurance Commissioner:Guy Drexinger
Local Elected Officials Attending:Representative Alan Powell (GA House District 29)Representative Jeanette Jamieson (GA House District 28)
The emcee for this event will be Amy Morton, LMFT from Macon, GA.

Contacts for additional information: Patty Payne, Chair & GA State Democratic Committee Member and Frank Dunson, Vice Chair 706-356-5931The Franklin County Democratic Party P.O. Box 606 Lavonia, GA 30553 706-356-2253

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Protecting Our Kitchen Tables?

As published in Friday's Macon Telegraph:

"Let's all give Gov. Sonny Perdue and Rep. Richardson a hearty pat on the back for their proclamation that they intend to protect our kitchen tables. Where, exactly, was their driving resolve to protect property owners during the 2005 legislative session?
Aren't these the same folks who not only wanted to expand eminent domain rights with HB 218, but also, with SB 5, wanted to provide government and industry the cloak of secrecy while they planned to take our property?
Have they had a genuine change of heart, or did they just take a peek at the polling numbers on the Supreme Court ruling? We do need legislation to protect Georgia property owners, but excuse me if I lack confidence in the ability of this leopard to change its spots. Democrats, who have always stood on the side of the "little guy," must now lead on this issue."

Amy H. Morton, Macon

Let's Make a Difference in Georgia!

The 2005 legislative session clearly defined the difference in Georgia Democrats and Georgia Republicans. While democrats championed protection of the public's right to know about and participate in government, republicans fought to deny the public access to the polls and to shroud government in secrecy. While democrats insisted on protecting the HOPE scholarship, republicans limited access in critically needed fields. While democrats insisted on access to healthcare for Georgia's women and children, republicans guaranteed the dismissal of thousands from the PeachCare rolls. Clearly, we need a change in Atlanta!