Monday, July 18, 2005

Franklin Success!!

Patty Payne- you go girl!! Those of you who could not make the kick-off for the brand new Franklin County Democratic Party missed a great event. The committee had sold 350 tickets before the gate opened!! Cathy Cox was the first speaker eloquently made the case for a "New Georgia" where people work together to do what's best for all Georgians, regardless of party. Anyone who ever wondered whether the Democratic Party in Georgia was alive and got a clear affirmative answer on Saturday. Franklin County is just one example of a phenomenon that is happening all over Georgia. Democrats are starting early and organizing in a unprecedented fashion. We know that we have an opportunity for gains in 2006 and for the good of the state, plan to take full advantage.

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Tina said...

The Democratic Party is alive and well in Georgia. Part of the credit has to go to Georgia Democratic women for sounding a much needed "wake-up call."