Sunday, July 10, 2005

Protecting Our Kitchen Tables?

As published in Friday's Macon Telegraph:

"Let's all give Gov. Sonny Perdue and Rep. Richardson a hearty pat on the back for their proclamation that they intend to protect our kitchen tables. Where, exactly, was their driving resolve to protect property owners during the 2005 legislative session?
Aren't these the same folks who not only wanted to expand eminent domain rights with HB 218, but also, with SB 5, wanted to provide government and industry the cloak of secrecy while they planned to take our property?
Have they had a genuine change of heart, or did they just take a peek at the polling numbers on the Supreme Court ruling? We do need legislation to protect Georgia property owners, but excuse me if I lack confidence in the ability of this leopard to change its spots. Democrats, who have always stood on the side of the "little guy," must now lead on this issue."

Amy H. Morton, Macon

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