Saturday, February 11, 2006

Education Leaders Oppose the 65%=Failure Legislation

When it comes to our children's schools, Governor Perdue is apparently counting on Georgia Voters not doing their homework. The "65%=Faliure legislation, like his Hope(less) Chest Legislation are long on great sound-bites yet, in the critical details continue his legacy of shortchanging Georgia's children. Sonny is counting on you-and particularly counting on that powerful voting block of teachers-being swayed by fancy names and gift cards. In Bibb our education leaders have come together to pass a resolution opposing the 65%=Failure bill. Later today, I will post the full text of that resolution and urge you to forward it to every educator, and every parent you know. Sonny might want to remember that educators sent Barnes home in 2002 and can do the same for him! To learn more about the stand the Bibb School Board- democratic and republican members alike-took, check the Macon Telegraph article at:

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