Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Georgia Democrats: Putting Forth Our Agenda

The Perdue Team is still stinging from the paddling they got in the principal's office over SB390, and now they move forward to dig into the politically dangerous ground of immigration reform. Why dangerous? While the polls indicate broad support for reform, some of their big business buddies won't like the implications of the bill for their companies. Even people who favor reform realize that it must includes penalties for those who employee those here illegally. So, it will be interesting to see whether the bill makes it through with those provisions intact.

And the imminent domain legislation is also about to heat up. When Georgia homeowners realize what Staton and O'Neal are trying to do with this bill, I suspect they will be none too pleased.

So, Georgia Democrats have a huge opportunity to hold the ruling party accountable and put forth our own agenda. The question is, "Will we?"

In part the answer is "yes." Remarkable pieces of legislation, like the move to establish a bio-medical commission in Georgia, and the move to support increases in teacher retirement are examples of bills that are languishing in the back room because "the wrong party" proposed the bills. How shameful. If it's good for Georgia, the bill should move forward.

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