Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Hecht in Macon Tonight

Greg Hecht spoke to the Bibb Democratic Women's club tonight. I have not personally taken sides in this race and actually like both Democratic candidates. Jim Martin, like Greg Hecht, is a smart, experienced leader.

Tonight, I thought that Hecht's remarks were substantive and insightful. It is very easy to imagine him doing well in a head-to-head with Ralph Reed- or any other candidate. Hecht focused on priorities in education, mental health, and elder care. He demonstrated depth of understanding on these issues, but I was most impressed with his remarks about parting ways with Governor Barnes on some important aspects of the A+ Education Reform Act . I spent some time in Atlanta during the hearings on this legislation, and, trust me, parting ways with the Governor on this bill was not an easy call for a Democratic member-especially a freshman member. In committee hearings it seemed that while the Republican members freely raised issues that were of concern to them, Democrats-even those who did not agree with aspects of the bill-were eerily silent. If he really stood up to Governor Barnes on any aspect of the legislation, that took significant brass-something Democrats could use more of these days!

For those of you who know them both, what are your thoughts on this race?

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Tina said...

As a mental health advocate, I'd just like to add that Greg Hecht appears well informed about current issues in this area. I am hoping that by putting Democrats back in the state house we can put a halt to the dismantling of Georgia's public mental health system and restore funds to needed services.