Monday, February 27, 2006

Macon Day at the Capitol

Tomorrow is Macon Day at the Capitol. If you have the time to drop by the Depot around 5:30 PM, you will find great food and wonderful Maconites to welcome you to Taste of Macon! So, what message will Macon leaders be carrying to lawmakers?

(1) On March 13, B&W will make its last cigarette, and this summer, the last of the workers will walk out those doors for good. Macon needs jobs. Not just any jobs, but jobs that will provide a living wage.

(2) To attract high-paying jobs, we need a well-trained workforce. Our neighborhood schools need the support of lawmakers. I challenge our representatives: for the first time: fully fund the formula. Plus, employers need to be able to partner with our technical colleges so that workers can be trained to fit the needs of the prospective industry. Lawmakers need to make sure that HOPE is available for students seeking dual enrollment in these programs.

(3) A year after Tort Reform, the MCCG is considering giving up Level I Trauma status. More than 40% of Bibb County residents have no health insurance. Our jail is filled with inmates who would probably not be there if appropriate mental healthcare were more readily available. We are facing a healthcare crisis, and lawmakers need make sure our children have access to healthcare . They need to have to courage to enact insurance reform.

(4) We want lawmakers who work for us, not for special interests. We do not want to have to buy access. We want a level playing field.

At least that's what I'll be telling them. And, notice, no where on this list is anything about Merry Christmas or the Ten commandments.

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