Friday, February 24, 2006

No Wonder Trial Lawyers Lost the Tort Battle

Check the following AJC article:

Speaker Glenn Richardson's slush fund? By Alan Judd for the AJC:

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If you vote. No, whether you vote or not. If you or someone you loves pays taxes, you have to read this today.

The Speaker has his own special bank account, somehow legal, where those who hope for favors can dump cash-with no restriction on amounts. Oh, I am sure that anyone can dump cash there, and I'm sure that the lobbyists who do the dumping and the groups that hire them expect nothing for their contributions. Yeah, and it might snow in Macon this year for Cherry Blossom. I'm trying to imagine my momma's reaction if I pulled a stunt like this. I bet she'd think a trip to the woodshed was more appropriate than a trip to the legislature!

Read this article, and then call your legislator and tell them to do something today to make this nasty, slimy, corrupt practice illegal in Georgia, or that you will punch them a ticket home in November.

Oh, and Georgia Trial Lawyers paid into the fund. I guess they'll be "Exhibit "A" in defense of the lack of relationship between contribution and benefit. What I'm trying to figure out is why they say they'll give again??? Frankly, if this is their best strategy, it's no wonder they lost the tort battle.

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Amy Morton said...

Given the history with Delay, Reed and others, I don't think that the Republicans had to look to Coleman to learn this trick. But the bottom line for me is this- I think that we need legislators-regardless of party- who understand that they are public servants and who will not be brought at any price. Don't you? I refuse to believe that it is not possible to impelment ethics reform that would make this more of a reality.

I think that we need serious ethics reform in elections and in government. I do not think that special interests should have a ready vehicle through which they can buy access and favor on critical legislation. I don't think this is good government regardless of the party. Where's your call for the speaker to dissolve this fund and sponsor legislation to make it illegal for elected oficials to have a PAC separate from their campaign accounts, or to at least make donations to those PACS subject to limits?