Saturday, February 18, 2006

Perdue is Math-Challenged

Apparently, the Governor needs some help making his budget add up. Today, the Atlanta Journal reported that the Governor's budget may be as much as 70 million in the red, neglecting seniors and the disabled as the attempts to mend fences with teachers- fences he obliterated over the last three years with over a billion in cuts to education. Yes, during this election year, the Governor is suddenly trying put put on the mantle of "The Emperor of Education" It's impossible not to laugh. The Emperor has no clothes.

I hope, I hope , I hope that Governor Perdue wants to make this election about education. What a gift for Democrats- Democrats who continue to support teacher raises; Democrats who continue to support class size reductions; Democrats who just introduced legislation to help address the issues with teacher retirement; Democrats who gave Georgia The HOPE Scholarship. Please, Governor Perdue, please make this election about education.

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