Monday, February 20, 2006

Politics is a Bloodsport

Someone who should know, told me to remember that "Politics is a Bloodsport." Nothing could be more true, and the nature of the fight keeps many good candidates out of races. Once elected, things don't seem to get much better, not if this year's General Assembly is an example. Watching the House at "work" last week was quite an education. This was not my first trip to town, but even in the Murphy days, I had not witnessed the level of rude and arrogant behavior displayed by the current speaker. For example, one member rose to ask a question, and the speaker silenced him by saying "You're not going to vote for this anyway. Why are you asking a question.? Sit down."

It is not about him asserting his rightful leadership role. It is raw, uncensored wielding of power that casts aside any member- republican or democrat- who has an idea that differs from his own. I don't know about the rest of you, but all of these men and women were elected, and they represent the people of Georgia. When he silences one of them, he silences the representation for a portion of the electorate, and it is wrong. Speaker Richardson may think that he and the Governor are the only ones with answers, but he may find that Georgians have an answer for him- at the polls.


MelGX said...

Well said Amy. This is shocking behavior from Speaker Richardson. It's basically a dictatorship under the dome these days.

PS. Love your blog!

MrsAdamKornstein said...

Great Blog, and great info.

Only problem with Nov. is no one is running against him. So his own people willhave to outst him..

I doubt that would happen...