Thursday, February 16, 2006

School Principals or Campaign Staffers?

At least now I understand why Governor Perdue did not include principals in his 65%: They're going to be too busy distributing his e-mail to run instruction in schools.
Here's a question for you. Was it appropriate for Governor Perdue to send an e-mail to school principals and ask that they forward it to their staff? Apparently, that is exactly what he did, and some Georgia educators are none to happy with his appropriation of state resources (the e-mail system) and state and local resources (time of school principals) to send a letter that essentially lobbied for support from this critical block of voters. Of course, from the text of the letter, we know that part of his agenda was to counter the negative reaction of teachers to SB390. He had counted on classroom teacher support for this controversial bill. Following the FCE memo, he apparently hoped to divide teachers and administrators on this one-splitting the powerful education vote.He miscalculated.Organizations representing teachers, administrators, school boards and parents have all looked separately at this legislation and determined that this is poor education policy- not good for our schools.At least now I understand why the Governor did not include principals in the 65%- they're apparently going to be too busy distributing his e-mail to have time to run instruction in their schools.

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