Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Teachers are Making Their Voices Heard! Obviously...

Tomorrow it is likely that SB390 will reach the House floor for a vote. This bill is on a fast track in the House Rules Committee . But it does appear that many are voicing opposition, even groups that the Governor counted on for support- like classroom teachers. Today, Governor Perdue sent a letter to educators in Georgia defending SB390, the 65%=Failure bill. It is clear from the excerpt below (referring to SB390) that he has been getting some not so supportive feedback from this key group of voters:
........As excited as I am about this proposal, I am concerned about some of the e-mails and letters we have received from educators about the proposal. (and) .............................. I also want to reassure you that the great work of our support personnel such as media specialists, counselors, and nurses does not go unnoticed. These valued employees should not feel excluded by this proposal. Everyone certainly understands that no education is complete without instructional support personnel; however we also can all acknowledge that teachers and paraprofessionals are on the frontlines for educating our youngsters.".............RIGHT, GOVERNOR PERDUE, but you are telling us how to spend local money (and state money and federal money), and I'm not clear how professionals who are left out should not "feel" left out??? If you have not contacted your representative and the Governor, please do so TODAY!

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