Friday, March 10, 2006

Bush, UAE and Georgia Lawmakers

First, a question. How is it that Georgia lawmakers and the Governor can attend a fundraiser before the end of the legislative session? I am of course referring to the Bush event last night. Is none of the money raised going to make it's way back into the Governor's campaign coffers? And did they serve (lame) duck?

Second, I believe that the UAE port deal was eventually, intentionally turned in favor of Republican lawmakers. I'm not clear that Bush was even aware of the details of the deal, but once he became aware, and the tide of public opinion rose opposing the idea, Republicans in congress were able to take the opportunity to distance themselves from an already unpopular president. (Actually, they got to disagree, at the same time, with George Bush and Jimmy Carter. How often does that happen?) Mind you, this took no leadership on their part. It does not take leadership, intellect or courage to do what the polls say to do. Still, the Republicans were able to show "strength" by standing up to the President. Set to take a bath on his lack of coattails at midterm, could the President digging in his heels, threatening veto only to have those "brave" Republicans go with the tide of public opinion be a Rove-trick?


CatherineAtlanta said...

Great question about the funds raised last night. They'll probably get around it by having all the cash raised last night go to the RNC, then the RNC will distribute it after the session.

Thank you for your thoughtful posts, Amy. Your blog has become a regular stop for me.

Amy Morton said...

You are too kind! You, Mel and the others at Blog for Democracy are the Gold Standard.