Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Georgia Republicans: Outsourcing Responsibility for Governing

I want to thank Governor Perdue, from the bottom of my heart, for making sure that no one in Georgia (including Governor Perdue) has to actually think for themselves or accept personal responsibility for decisions. The Governor has outsourced responsibility to Washington, D.C. think-tanks, and the Republican legislators have outsourced responsibility to the Governor and the Speaker.

"Do you have a boss?" That's what Georgia Republican legislators asked when education advocates visited the capitol to talk with legislators about the "65% = Failure and Bill the Homeowners for the Difference" legislation. "Well", they said, "We have to vote for this bill because Governor Perdue is our boss." Silly me. I thought that Georgia citizens were their bosses.

Apparently, Georgians just don't know what's good for them.

A Women's Right to Know? The 65% Bill? Waiting Periods? The Gay Marriage Amendment? Not an original idea in the bunch. All imports. All were essentially boilerplated bills, part of the National Republican Agenda to gain and maintain power by creating media-ready sound-bite packed legislation. Do you think any of it has to do with values? Wrong. It all has to do with power. And, at first, the strategy was very effective.

The problem is that what's great political strategy is often horrible public policy. We, as voters, must look beyond the sound-bite and demand leadership that will put the interest of the people ahead of maintaining their own political power.

We need leadership that will not outsource the responsibility for governing, who will look to Georgians for direction and who will have the courage to risk their position in order to represent voters.

If you want open and representative government for all the people, then we need to elect Georgia Democrats in November. Georgia government controlled by Georgians. What a novel idea.


cmob said...

" All were essentially boilerplated bills, part of the National Republican Agenda to gain and maintain power by creating media-ready sound-bite packed legislation.”

So you are saying only the Democratic Party of Georgia is original in its policy and has nothing to do with the National Democratic Party Agenda?

Republicans are a group that have nearly the same values in Georgia as other Republicans throughout the country. It is hard to believe that the Georgia Democratic Party stands as an island of original thought and never sides with the National Democratic Party on issues.

Emotions are good but one ought to be at least objective. It is easy to through out boilerplated media ready sound-bites isn’t it?

Amy Morton said...

If you doubt what I'm saying, spend some time on looking at The republicans have made marching lock-step and boiler-plating legislation from state to state, placing hot button constitutional amendments on the ballot to drive emotion and turnout, an artform. They've done it very well, very successfully. Too bad the policies, like the 65%, range from empty to dangerous.