Friday, March 17, 2006

Georgia State School Superintendent's Race

What do we need in a State School Superintendent? At this point, only two candidates appear to be in that race: the current Republican Superintendent and Democrat Carlotta Harrell. Can either of them offer the leadership needed to put Georgia schools on the path to excellence? The current superintendent obviously can't. Look at her dismal track record. While Governor Perdue has slashed more than a billion from education funding, she has been M.I.A.

In addition to someone who is educated and who has a vision and a plan for excellence, we simply need someone who is willing to stand up for Georgia's children. We need someone who will speak up when political expediency is placed before good education policy, who thinks that class size reduction is a necessity and who knows that politically correct sound-bites will not get the job done in our classrooms. We need a State School Superintendent who will show up for Georgia's children. There is room is this race for a candidate with a bold new vision for excellence in our schools.

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