Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's Not a Very Sonny Day in Georgia!

Dear Georgia Taxpayer:

Grab your wallet. Last year, your legislature agreed to borrow $56 million dollars for unspecified "economic development." Paying the debt over 20 years will cost about $100 million dollars. Do you think that you have a right to know what the money was for? Yes? Actually, no, you don't. Sonny may be Governor, but Georgia's "Sunshine Laws" do not apply to the Legislature.

See the Atlanta Journal Article "Perdue's Record on Secrecy Clouded" at:


Secrecy and elitism are the hallmarks of the Perdue Administration. Business, industry and developers seem to have the right to know. Lobbyists who shower those in power with gifts or donations to special accounts have access. The average citizen? Not so much.

The Perdue Team has turned secrecy into an art form, claiming that a few listening sessions on Saturdays and broadcasting committee meetings on the internet translates into "transparency in government." So, those who can afford to travel and those who can afford broadband internet have access. The rest of Georgians? Not so much.

When Perdue wants to hear from big business, he secrets them away for meetings at the Governor's mansion. You and I? Not so much.

Don't be fooled by the sound-bite ready programs like "Saturdays With Sonny" or the Governor's claim to support transparency in government. Actions speak louder than words. Listening for a few minutes is easy. Having the courage to make government as open book-that takes real leadership-something the Perdue Team is sorely lacking. It's past time for the people of Georgia to demand no less.

We need a Governor who will by her own example, make it clear that the people of Georgia can be trusted with access to their government. We need a Governor and representatives who know who they work for: the people of Georgia. We need to elect Cathy Cox, and we need to elect Georgia Democrats to the House and Senate.

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