Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not in Front of the Children!

Yesterday, as The Perdue Teams's civil war over the budget hemorrhaged into a public spectacle, things got pretty nasty. With legislative pages in attendance, the debate devolved into cursing and shouting in both chambers and in hallways of the capitol.

Hmmm....are these those family values they keep talking about?

Legislative sessions are broadcast live on the Internet at:,2094,4802_6107101,00.html

Some sessions are archived so that they can be viewed later. I wonder what rating tomorrow's session will merit- TV14 or NC17?


cmob said...

and where is your smart remarks on your leadership in Washington DC?

I am sure you just love McKinney and the way she represents Georgia.


Amy Morton said...

Nope, I don't approve of her actions yesterday. But, if that's the standard for the The Perdue Team, then I predict that Cathy Cox will be our next Governor. Come on, can't these guys do better?