Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Party Bus to Taste of Macon

Stebin Horne who is a candidate in the Republican primary for HD 137 (David Graves' seat) sponsored a bus, complete with "beverages", and admission tickets for Taste of Macon (about $30 buck a pop) for about 60 supporters who accompanied him to the event last night. I'm not so sure about this campaign tactic. Maybe it was a good strategy to build loyalty, but here's my issue.

It appears that there is a culture in Atlanta politics that turns a blind eye to lobbyist's providing legislators with two, three or four drink lunches- and goodness know how many drink dinners. Trading alcohol, meals and tickets to events for access to legislators seems to be common place, and I think that it is bad practice. Stebin seems to be incorporating this strategy into his campaign- trading those items for access to voters. It implies that he would see this quid pro quo as acceptable, in reverse, if elected. Not my cup of tea.

What are your thoughts?

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