Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sine Die Street Party, and Let's Invite Jane

On Day 40, we need to have a Sine Die Street Party. At least the carnage will be over. I don't know about you, but since about Day 2, I have wished the legislative session was over. I have welcomed their breaks and their days off, thinking that if the Georgia Legislature is not in session, they'll do less harm. In "The Fonda Maneuver," by Bill Shipp, he nailed the Republican leadership for putting forward and agenda that is, in essence, anti-people, and he spanked the Democrats for being both passive and, well, stupid. And he is right.

While the Republican's noshed on ballooning lobbyist perks, they tried to cut the throat of the average citizen with bills that do things like placing taxing authority in the hands of private developers or telling local school systems how to spend money they don't have, thus driving up property tax.

Of course, Democrats seized the moment and put forward the populist message that has always won the hearts and minds of voters. That's what we did, right? No, wrong. One of our own put forward a resolution to honor Jane Fonda. I am sure that the Republicans have sent their thank you notes.

I know Jane deserves to be honored for her work with teen pregnancy. Absolutely, but, as Shipp points out, the timing could not have been better for Republicans who did seize the moment as an opportunity to distract the public from their inept governing.

We have to choose our moments more carefully, else this destructive crew- this Trojan Horse for private developers and big business- will get another shot at this in 2007. I don't think our schools, our healthcare and the rights of private property owners can take another year of this. So, could Jane just wait until we get the House back? I promise, it won't be long. And she can come to our street party.

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