Monday, March 27, 2006

We're Melting

No, really. This is not OZ: the Earth is actually melting. This weekend, CNN ran the story that is on the cover of this month's TIME Magazine, a story that sort of steps up, taps us on the shoulder and says, "No, really, global warming is not a liberal trick." Here's the deal. We are at a critical "tipping point", and if we don't act NOW to make changes- especially to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels-we, very quickly (within ten years), will reach a point of no return. One NASA scientist, carefully edited by this administration, has stepped forward to predict that our inaction will result in the melting of the polar ice, by 2060.

Now, despite the fact that the scientific community is singing this song in unison, some Republican facing a tough midterm (Rick Santorum?) is likely to step up to the mike and suggest that Democrats are using blow dryers to melt the ice. They are going to have to think of something to say.
The TIME article makes it clear that the Bush administration is stubbornly deaf to the problem, making the threat to national security created by the Iraq policy seem like child's play by comparison.

See that article here.

Is this a one or two day news story? Will we pay attention now? I'm not sure, because I had to think about what I wanted to write about tonight. Why did I have to think about that?

Clearly, this problem has been brewing for many years, but the policies of this administration have been brutal to the environment. I have become increasingly convinced that every single policy of this administration is governed by one overriding concern: Making sure Bush's buddies in the oil industry get richer. When someone recently referred to Bush as the Apocalyptic President, I thought that they were talking about Iraq or Iran. That's the least of it. He has turned his back and silenced the warning that the planet is ill, very ill indeed.

The planet is dying. We are seeing the impact daily. Is there any issue more important?

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