Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Party Leaders, Exactly?

On Tuesday, Denise Majette announced for State School Superintendent, and today, Carlotta Harrell is circulating, by e-mail, a copy of an article from Atlanta Progressive News entitled "Denise Majette Run Upsets Democrats." The article goes on to quote un-named "party leaders" who supposedly said any number of unflattering things about Majette. The tone of the article makes it sound as though the whole Democratic Party is up in arms, and I can tell you that's not the case. (In fact, we seldom all agree about anything except for wanting Sonny un-elected.)

If these "party leaders" are so fired up about Majette's announcement, then why did they not allow their names to be used the the article? This looks like all fluff, no substance to me.


politically blonde said...

extremely disappointed with this article. I thought maybe there was some substance to it at first, but no, just propoganda.

Majette has statewide name recognition, she will need an extremely competent campaign to win this race. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until I see otherwise.

sue said...

what about Majette's ties to Republicans?

politically blonde said...

still waiting to see those "ties". My whole family is republican, and rabidly so. If those are "ties" or my friends from college, many of whom are hardcore conservatives, then honey, we all got ties.

My father gets bad "ties" for gifts, does that count? Oh wait, you mean the pubs that decided to meander over on election day in a freakin OPEN primary to vote against a candidate? ah, what-ever.

Tina said...

I spoke with someone from the Atlanta area today who is very excited over Majette's candidacy and cites her knowledge of federal and state law as a big plus.

AtlantaDem said...

Majette has very high name recognition and will help with turn out in November.

The Democratic Party in Georgia is a mess... who are these "leaders" quoted in the article? Whoever they are they maybe they should start doing their jobs and stop the petty jabs at Majette. She will help the party in November and is our best chance to get rid of the wacko at education now.