Friday, March 31, 2006

Who Will You Support?

As my voice mail and e-mail confirm, today is the end of this disclosure period for candidates, and many are "dialing for dollars."

When people ask me for money, it reminds me of how our campaign finance laws have turned our candidates into fundraisers. Really, for a candidate to be viable for an average House seat, they have to be prepared to raise at least a hundred grand, probably more. It takes the average Georgian more than two years to earn a hundred thousand dollars.

Is there a correlation between the ability of someone to get people to give them money and their ability to govern? Actually, maybe there is an inverse correlation.

Money can be an indicator of support, or lack there of, at the grassroots, but too often, at all levels, disclosures are filled with big contributions from big business and special interest groups. That's why that number near the top of the form that totals the "under $100" contributions is so important. In the Governor's race, I was impressed that on a percentage basis, Cathy Cox has had much higher numbers in this category than either Taylor or Perdue. That is, I believe, is an indication of her broad, grassroots support

Also, when I consider where I am going to invest my political dollars, I am looking for candidates who have open and ethical government at the top of their agenda, who see the need for ethics reform, and who do not use "well, they did it, too" as an excuse for creating slush funds like Speaker Richardson's. Apparently, he can receive unlimited contributions from unnamed sources, and then re-distribute that money to others who need it more than he does.

If elections are going to be bought and sold, don't we voters at least have the right to know who's doing the buying and selling?

Cathy Cox has led on the issue of open and ethical government, while Sonny Perdue has remained silent about the Speaker's Fund and even removed from the Ethics Commission a person known as a strong and fair advocate for ethical practices.


cmob said...

Seldom is heard a discouraging word

From The AJC
‘Rep. Cynthia McKinney on Friday said she was the victim of a racist Capitol Hill policeman who used excessive force when she became involved in a physical confrontation with him Wednesday.
"The whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me — a female, black, congresswoman," McKinney said at a Washington news conference, jettisoning the apologetic tone she had adopted earlier in the week.’
It was too much just to laugh this one off as typical McKinney rhetoric. Many people have told me over and over again McKinney is the best thing Georgia Democrats could have sent to Washington. Her continued antics are comical and sheer embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

It is shameful and disgusting for this woman to say everything happens to her for one reason and one reason only. She never takes the blame or addresses the problem.

I, as a Republican, no as an American, ask that this woman be thrown out of office. McKinney resign your post! I call on Democrats to insist on the same.

While we will not see Democrats demand McKinney to resign it reminds me of the Muslim community where few if any ever cry foul when terrorist thugs kill, behead and murder in the name of Allah.

Amy Morton said...

I'm confused. Are you saying that you approve of the Speaker's slush fund, showers of gifts to members by lobbyists etc.? OR are you using the "they do bad things too" defense? Either way, if Sonny's strategy is to run against Cynthia, then he is coming home to Middle Georgia in January, because Cathy Cox, not Cynthia McKinney (who is supporting Mark Taylor) will be his opponent in November.

cmob said...

You are confused!

Or you are skirting the issue at hand like the Muslim community.

The issue I brought forth was McKinney and it was posted on the current blog because I didn’t have a place to write it. You didn’t call for her to resign. If you did I would have posted it there.

The issue is McKinney needs to go and you and the Democratic Party of Georgia haven’t said a word.

You are so quick on all subjects except your own house.

The speaker’s ‘slush fund’ is legal and if you would examine past speakers you would find they too had ‘slush funds.’ If it is good or bad I guess it is where you are standing. 529s are being scrutinized now in DC. Why? Mainly because the Republicans are scared to death that the Democrats will out raise them again and spend crazily without limits. Even as we banter back and forth about 529s they are becoming obsolete and the Democrats are setting up 501c4 types to funnel money. It seems that rich liberals love to spend their money fruitlessly.

Gifts are a problem? Do you think it was just one person or do you think they all get them? I believe there should be stiff limits, much like in the investment world, as to how much can be given in a years time period. The problem is no one will enforce it.

What do you or I know about the strategy of the Perdue campaign? I know nothing as Schultz always said. I guess that was confusion on your part or throwing me a curve to get me off why you and the Georgia Democrats haven’t called for the resignation of McKinney.

I guess it’s okay to cut the head off an American and not condemn the actions of your fellow religious group just as it is to sit back and not do anything about McKinney.

Amy Morton said...

Admnistrative Note: You are welcome to post here, but failure to stay on topic, profanity and racial stereotyping will result in posts being edited or deleted. If you want to post on topics not addressed in the blog, then get your own blog. It's free.

cmob said...

I feel censorship is about to hit.

Again, you failed to address your failure to demand McKinney to step down.

cmob said...

Amy, I took your idea up.

Check out Thoughts my little blog.


cmob said...

Well I just got back form the grocery store and I thought it wasn't nice of me to be ugly.


Tina said...

Fundraisers for our Democratic candidates are a necessity. We gotta keep in raising money for them. Even tens and twenties can add up to hundreds and thousands. And that's what it costs to run for office these days--hundreds of thousands. It's just a fact of political life. So, don't delay! Donate to a Democrat today!

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