Friday, April 21, 2006

Angela Moore's Financial Disclosure

On April 7th, I looked for Angela Moore's financial disclosure online at the State Ethics Commission and did not find it. Today, I did find it, and noted that it while it was dated 4/7/2006, it was e-filed on 4/17/2006, well after the deadline. This could have been an Ethics Commission issue, since a number of the disclosures were not immediately available for review on line. It's not the filing deadline that got my attention, anyway. She lists over $155,000.00 in contributions this period and over $400,000.00 total.

The amount is easy to see, but it is harder to figure out where the money is coming from. I have not actually done the math, but it appears to me that a significant portion- maybe most- of her money for this period comes from interests and individuals outside of Georgia. I also find it interesting that for a number of her individual donors, she lists "N/A" where the employment and occupation information should go.

I am not an expert of these filings, but since she wants to become Secretary of State, shouldn't she know how this is done? How can the employment info be "Not Applicable*" to an individual?

Check this out yourself.
* Mel points out that in this context N/A means "Not Available" but, even so, isn't this a concern?


MelGX said...

I think the N/A in this case mean Not Available. Still, there are certainly some "issues" there.

politically blonde said...

you may also want to check if any of those companies listed actually exist. That filing is a piece of fiction.

Amy Morton said...

Good points, both of you.