Friday, April 7, 2006

Benedict Tops Republican Incumbent in Georgia House Race

In what will be one of the most competitive and closely watched legislative races in Georgia, Lauren Benedict, Democratic candidate for HD 140 today reports $35,321.06 cash on hand while the Republican incumbent, Allen Freeman, reports only $26,538.88 cash on hand. More importantly, of the $20,839.38 Benedict raised since January 1st, $4,285.00 or about 20% came from under $101.00 donors- an indication of strong grassroots support.

Freeman was not able to raise during the legislative session, but during the period prior to the session and the day after, he only raised $1,500.00. Of this, two-thirds came from pacs or corporations. Of interest, of the 47,918.57 that Freeman reports total from this and the previous disclosure, he spent nearly $21,379.69, leaving him about nine thousand dollars short of Benedict in total cash on hand.

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CatherineAtlanta said...

Go Lauren! That's great news, Amy!