Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cox: Connecting Students to the 21st Century

Cathy Cox Calls for "A New Covenant" with Georgia

Secretary of State Cathy Cox called for “a new covenant” with Georgia today based on responsibility, opportunity and progress. She announced her comprehensive agenda to lead Georgia forward at the historic Hungry Club Forum, a weekly community affairs event sponsored by the Butler Street YMCA in Atlanta.
“Today I am proposing a new covenant with the people of Georgia. A covenant based on opportunity for all, and accountability and responsibility in government,” said Cox.
“If, like me, you’re tired of yesterday’s brand of politics, where special interests come before the interests of everyday Georgians, then we must demand change. And, that change demands a new commitment from our leaders. A commitment that says people will come first and government will live up to its promises.”
Cox’s covenant is a new vision for education and healthcare, focused on leading Georgia forward into the 21st century and staying competitive in the new global economy.
As Governor, Cox will invest in classrooms with public-private partnerships and links to colleges and technical colleges in order to provide a seamless transition from school to a high-paying job.
“The new economy is growing by leaps and bounds, and its demands are much different than one, two, let alone three generations ago. Our schools, however, have remained the same,” said Cox. “Students can’t be taught in a system that is disconnected from the outside world and the careers of the 21st century.”
Cox’s new covenant to lead Georgia forward also emphasizes the need in a changing economy for a commitment to affordable and accessible healthcare for every Georgian. She proposed the creation of a market-based health insurance purchasing pool for small businesses and the self-employed and an expansion and reform of the PeachCare program that will bring more Georgians onto the health insurance rolls.
“Investing in healthcare is investing in every Georgian,” said Cox. “A healthier workforce will make Georgia more competitive and ready for the economic challenges of the future.”
The speech fulfills the promise Cox made when announcing her candidacy on April 22, 2005. “Our covenant will remind those you elect just who runs the show—and that’s you, the people,” she said at the time.
Earlier this year, Cox released a detailed ethics reform proposal to promote government reform, accountability and responsibility. Her far-reaching proposal will close the revolving door of government, put ethics law enforcement in the hands of a truly independent body, wipe out partisan politics in local offices, create a tough code of ethics, and reform the way state contracting is done.
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