Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dent Channels Rove

Responding to the Cox Campaign's statement about Mark Taylor overstating his personal role in the HOPE Scholarship, yesterday, Rick Dent, the Taylor campaign chief, posted one of the most negative personal attacks on a candidate that I have ever seen come directly from a campaign. In Rove-esq fashion, Dent points the finger at Cox and criticizes her for a campaign tactic he has adopted. If this insulting, childish approach is what Taylor adopts in his campaign, then what would a Taylor administration be like? Is this the tone we want in this race? Can Taylor get control of this guy? Does he want to? Let's see if Mark Taylor can lead. If this type of campaigning continues, voters will tune out and vote for Perdue.

Of course, I believe that it was Dent who discounted Cox's ability to raise money...


MelGX said...

Whoosh. Nothing but net.

HallCountyDem said...

Cathy's campaign calls Zell Miller and Andrew Young liars on television and you don't expect the Taylor camp to respond. I HOPE this does show what kind of Governor Mark Taylor would be. It obvious that he will not stand idley by while Georgians are being persecuted. Zell Miller and Andrew Young have done more for Georgia then Cathy Cox ever will. Trying to diminish their integrity is poor form and a mistake.

MelGX said...

Oooh. I count three grammatical errors and two misspellings in that short comment. Still, it’s always a pleasure to see Zell Miller's, Andrew Young’s and Mark Taylor’s names all commingled within a single paragraph. Just like peas in a pod. Now that’s good form.

And here's another for the google results: Is Mark Taylor pro Wal Mart?

politically blonde said...

Mark taylor is against Georgia's working families and supports the greedy corporate fat cats of Wal-mart in denying affordable health insurance and living wages to some of our hardest working citizens.

LonelyDem said...

If Dent is to Rove; is Brilliant to Shrum.

Cathy threw the first negative punch and now her supporters are complaining that Dent defended his campaign.

Can we always expect this kind of hypocrisy from a Cox government?

Amy Morton said...

Let me make one thing clear. It is because I fully intend to support the party's nominee that I want want these tactics to be nipped in the bud. I hope that nominee is Cox because after this fiasco, I am more sure than ever that she is the Democrat who can defeat Perdue.

I expect both campaigns to hold the other to high standards for truthfulness, and that is exactly what Cox did in this instance. It seems like Taylor-ites expect that when Cathy is confronted with a problem, she should do nothing. 94,000 votes not counted, and she was supposed to sit on her hands. Taylor begins the campaign by overstating his accomplishments ,and Cox is supposed to be silent. It's just not going to happen.

I suggest to you that had there been nothing wrong with what Dent did, the words would've come out of Taylor's mouth, not Dent's. It was inappropriate and unseemly, and Taylor knew it. So, he let Dent do his dirty work.

Had Dent just responded with facts, then I would have no problem. He crossed the line in a big way with his mocking, scarcastic rhetoric. It's bully tactics. I notice that when Taylor wants to attack Cox, he does even have the integrity to do it himself. He gets women to do his dirty work, or now, Dent.

Did he even stop to think about the impact of his own words in a Perdue ad after the primary?

And, by the way, be really careful when you start saying that Cox "went negative" first. It was, again, Dent, who went negative first, calling Cox "too liberal" for Georgia after her 2004 announcement. So, though I hope otherwise, I expected these tactics from him.

The question remains: does Mark Taylor care enough about the future of the party, heck, the future of the state, to check Dent? Instead of posting Dent's remarks on his website, Taylor should've publicly condemned this approach. That's what a statesman would do. Let's see if Taylor has it in him.

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