Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Georgia Lt. Gov: And Then There Were Four

By Friday, we will have at least four Democrats qualify for Lt. Governor:

Greg Hecht, Jim Martin, Griffin Lotson and Steen Miles.

We also have five candidates who have qualified for Secretary of State:

Darryl Hicks, Shyam Reddy, Gail Buckner, Angela Moore and Scott Holcomb.

Am I the only person who regrets that so much of our talent is focused on these constitutional offices while some legislative seats are left uncontested?

Just asking....


Tim said...

not at all. I guess life in the minority party is not exciting enough for people to focus on local races. While it's sometimes good for the party to have a primary challenge, 4 or 5 in a primary is not fun.

Pragmaddict said...

make that five in the LG race. One Rufus Terrill has qualified as well.

Scott Holcomb has not qualified for SOS yet, btw.

It's been Buckner, Ray, Hicks, Moore, and Reddy. But surely Holcomb will qualify by the end of the week.

Amy Morton said...

Whoops, you are right, prag. Thanks.