Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How Should Campaigns Be Funded?

A reader, Ms_AtlDem, asks a very good question:

"I agree that big business has a lot of involvement with funding campaigns. Here is the problem though. Without the contributions, where will the funding come from? Randi Rhodes herself said that we don't contribute enough to the party and campaigns. How will campaigns be funded?"

I personally believe that we need to eliminate lobbyist perks for those who govern. Do we also need to further restrict PAC contributions to campaigns? What about lobbyists contributions to campaigns? There was a time when campaigns did not cost the probable $30 million or more that will be spent on our Governor's race. I keep thinking about what that $30 million could do for schools or healthcare in our state. Should we cap campaign spending?

Consider this an open thread for comments on how we citizens can take our government back.


Button Gwinnett said...

Something does need to be done to level the playing field. And lobbyists need to be eliminated from the process all together. Caps for campaign expenditures might prove helpful. But there are so many people who make up their minds on election day by what they've seen in 30 second tv ads which are so expensive to run.

Like you, when I see 30M price tags on campaigns, I start to think of where that money could go and the people it could help. Cathy said it right when being interviewed last April in Bainbridge. She said something to the effect that Georgians are tired of money deciding elections. She speaks for a lot of us on that issue.

Tim said...

I'd be all for some kind of public financing offset with equal airtime. Interesting to note that according to my friends in Maine & Arizona, public elections don't favor either party or 3rd parties, yet, but instead increase the number of average citizens who decide to run.

Amelia said...

Oh I'm on the main page! How exciting!

Anyway, I think it would be great if we did public airtime! The majority of these huge campaign budgets are allocated to media advertising. This would have a huge impact.