Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mark Taylor, Al Gore and the HOPE Scholarship

This is a first for Georgia Women VOTE! This comment is so well thought out, that I decided it deserved a move to the front page. This, today from "Button." Thank you!

You said it best when you said that we should be more concerned about our future than our past. HOPE and education in general are not issues invented by Mark Taylor. He'd better turn his attention to keeping HOPE safe from Republican hands and turning our education system (both public schools and higher education) around. Cox's approach to solving long standing problems with public schools is smart. She wants an inclusive conversation involving experts from more successful states as well as our schools' greatest resource, it's teachers. Also, Cox is correct when she talks about the need for more options for working adults continuing their education. This is not only affecting individuals and families currently working. But it's a big part of the reason why Georgia isn't attracting more industries.Taylor's not speaking to these issues and he needs to wake up - and fast. He can Al Gore the HOPE issue all he wants. But his lack of vision on real educational issues isn't good for Georgia.


Junebug said...

Taylor is just showing his past accomplishments to show that he will work hard for us in the future. CC trying to attack him on that is ridiculous. So we should ignore past accomplishments because they don't mean anything about the future? Wow, good one. I agree and I am sure Mark Taylor does as well, that the future of our children is important. He has put them first in the past and he will continue to do so into the future.

Button Gwinnett said...

Thanks Amy. But I'm only following your lead on this. Even though I'm a Cox supporter, this issue (amongst many issues) is more important to me than any candidate. We've talked and talked and talked for years about improving education in Georgia. It's time to DO something. The U.S. is slipping in the world rankings for education. And the state of Georgia is making little to no progress in the U.S. rankings. Too many of our high school graduates just aren't ready for a challenging college curriculum. And far too many are dropping out before even graduating.

Cathy's call for meetings with experts of education as well as science is a very good idea. Getting in on the cutting edge ideas that are focused on how children learn and how schools should be run is exactly what we should do.

I know the campaign is just now getting into the swing of things, but the fact that the Taylor camp wants to come out and ride the coattails of governors past bothers me. It indicates a lack of vision. I couldn't care less if Cox is attacking (correcting)Taylor on HOPE. What's more important is that she's out in front on this issue with well thought out and informed ideas.

I'm going to be for the Democratic primary winner no matter who it is. After all we've seen what Sonny and the evil (K)athy would like to do with HOPE and education here in Georgia. I need to know that Taylor actually has a clue of what he's going to do, rather than just polishing up his resume.

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