Monday, April 10, 2006

Money at the Grassroots: Cox Leads

When candidates file financial disclosures, they can combine all contributions below $101.00 and report those as a lump sum. These smaller contributions can be a good indicator of critical grassroots support. Cox has always been strong in this category, having more money than Taylor, and, when based on a percentage of the whole amount raised, eclipsing Perdue as well.

This disclosure period is no different. This time, in this critical category, Cox raised substantially more than either Taylor or Perdue. Here are the numbers:

Cox: $14,020.00
Taylor: $ 712.97
Perdue: $2,982.02

Why is this important? Because many smaller donations are from voters who have never given to candidates before, and the amount represents more individual donors.

Money is not the only factor in a race, but it is an important indicator of support. As before, people from all over the state of Georgia, many who have never before been involved in a political campaign, are stepping forward and investing in Georgia's future by supporting Cathy Cox. This bodes well for her chances in July and in November.

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