Sunday, April 9, 2006

The Money: Cox, Perdue and Taylor

If you are loading and re-loading the State Ethics Commission webpage at 1AM on Saturday in the faint and dying hope that the disclosure numbers for the three "Big Squirrels" will be posted- you just might be a political junkie. Just step away, slowly, from the computer...

Today, thanks to the AJC and Georgia Political Digest, here are the March 31 numbers for the Big Three:

"During the first three months of the year, Secretary of State Cathy Cox, a Democrat, raised $185,892, compared with Democratic rival Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor's $98,531 and Republican incumbent Perdue's $142,500.

The disparities grow when it comes to money in the bank: Cox has $2.9 million, Taylor has $4.1 million, and Perdue has $8.3 million."

Of course, Taylor's money includes the million dollar loan he gave himself in December, and he began raising a year before Cox. Aside from the loan, she has virtually wiped out his financial advantage raising almost twice as much as Taylor did and over forty thousand more than Sonny. This from the person Taylor said could not raise the money to run.

That said, loan or no loan, the million still spends. So, if you, like me, believe that Cox would not only be a great Governor, but that she is also the candidate who can beat Perdue, then we need to do all we can to make sure she emerges from the July primary. Cox supporters can finds multiple ways to help on her website .

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