Friday, April 7, 2006

On This, We Can All Agree...

Tonight on Real Time With Bill Maher, Cynthia McKinney was a guest. When Maher asked her about "the" incident, she replied that she was just acting like a normal member of Congress, but that she is not a normal member of Congress." You've got to give the Congresswomen credit for candor.


MelGX said...

I thought that was one of the better shows this season. Biden was as good as I've ever seen him. I'd love to find a transcript of that show. Some great quotes there.

cmob said...

Since McKinney claims that her actions are normal for her does this make her actions and race bating acceptable?

McKinney’s actions are not normal for Congress members and her attempt to continue to make excuses for her action; making light of her events demonstrates her moral fiber.

Those terrorist that cut the heads off Americans in the name of Allah might believe their actions are normal but does that make what they did excusable?

McKinney needs to change her tune. Democrats have to distance themselves from McKinney and her stance on race relations. She is the poster of what is wrong with race relations; her attempt to use bigotry as an excuse AND the fact the Democratic Party puts up with it is repulsive.