Saturday, April 15, 2006

An Open Letter to Denise Majette

Dear Denise:

I know that you must be getting lots of pressure to jump into the congressional race, but please resist. If there is a battle to be fought there, let someone else fight it. In congress, you will be one voice among many, but as State School Superintendent, you can be the voice for Georgia's children.

We have an education crisis in this state, and right now, the person who ought to be sounding the siren-our current State School Superintendent-is deaf to the problem. Kathy Cox has sat silent while Sonny Perdue and this republican-led legislature cut more than 2.3 billion from education. She was mute when Gov. Perdue put forward the 65% Deception. She's spent more time dealing with "intelligent design" than intelligently designing a path to student achievement. We need a change.

On the democratic side, if this election is about education, democrats will win up and down the ticket, provided we have people, like you, on the ticket who can articulately express the issues and offer solutions. And, by the way, if you run against Cynthia McKinney, the incident at the capitol will grow legs and walk all the way through the November election, potentially hurting every democrat on the ballot.

So, even though you might like to go back to D.C., please stick in the race you've announced for. Whether or not we "fix" our schools will have a greater impact on the future of this state than anything you can do in D.C. And we have Cherry Blossoms in Macon, too.

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