Friday, April 7, 2006

Party Bus Bites Into Candidate's Campaign Cash

HD 137, a seat now held by David Graves (R), is open and up for grabs. Graves announced last week that he will not seek re-election. Some of you may recall Graves issues with DUI's just prior to session.

Even prior to that announcement, four Republicans had tossed their respective hats into the ring: Becky Burgess, Stebin Horne, Dale Washburn and Allen Peake. Today, three of these four have already filed their disclosure reports, and while it is clear that there will be no shortage of cash in that race, how the current candidates have (or have not) spent their money reveals something about the personality of the campaigns and the management style of the candidates.

Horne, an attorney and current city councilman, with total contribution of $ 32,251.00 (plus $250.00 in-kind) wins the fundraising derby for the period. He already had more than $50,000 for a total of $83,261.00 raised. Horne, however, has spent more than the others, largely on consulting fees and his Party Bus to Taste of Macon . Horne spent nearly five grand to transport supporters, buy tickets to Taste of Macon and provide "beverages" for the trip. This rather extravagant campaign stunt and other expenses leave him with $69,946.52 on hand. Horne wins the "Party Hearty" award.

Burgess raised $30,150.00 (with another $2,250 in-kind) for the period and previously reported $39, 450.00. She spent very little, leaving her with a balance of $64,468.81. At this point, she wins the "Fiscal Conservative" award.

Peake, a businessman who has engaged in an early, aggressive sign campaign, raised $21,021.00 for the period (with another $165.00 in-kind). He has spent almost $15,000.00 to date, it appears mostly on signs, and has $52,265.18 on hand. So, Peake wins the "Grassroots Award."

We'll have to see what Dale Washburn will do, and whether there a a Democrat out there who wants to win the "People's Candidate" award!

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