Thursday, April 27, 2006

Taylor Campaign Panders to Republican Blog

Mark Taylor's campaign and The Perdue Team have something in common: both want Taylor to win the Democratic primary in July.

Recently, when an amateurish parody of the Cox campaign made it's debut on a popular Very-Republican-Leaning blog, Peach Pundit, I initially hoped Taylor would condemn such campaign tactics. Today, we discover that not only was Taylor silent on the issue, but his own spokesperson, Rick Dent, proudly took credit for both creating the video and distributing it to the Republican blog.

This stunt came on the heels of Dent's extremely negative, mocking, inaccurate statement about Cox that first appeared on Taylor's campaign website and then very quickly on, you guessed it, the same Republican blog. I'm sure Sonny's pleased as punch. Keep this up, and he'll win without firing the first shot.

The reason the Perdue Team is in bed with the Taylor Campaign when it comes to attacking Cathy is clear: Mark Taylor wants to win the primary and that suits Sonny Perdue just fine. But, why do we, Democrats, want to feed this kind of garbage to Republicans when it is sure to be regurgitate in the general? Does that sound like a winning strategy?

It seems that for Mark Taylor, Rick Dent, can't be bad enough to earn a rebuke. A Taylor supporter speculated on this blog that the Taylor camp wasn't pleased with Dent's behavior. I don't know about that, but if so, we deserve to hear about it from Taylor himself, just like Cathy did. Dent's behavior is apparently not that of some rogue staffer, but is instead endorsed and supported by the Taylor campaign. It must be part of their planned strategy, else why would Dent's diatribe be on the Taylor website, and why would Dent be so brazen as to publicly "take credit" for creating and distributing the video?

This week, Cox, true to her values, stepped up to the plate and, in the strongest possible terms, made it clear that such tactics would not be tolerated in her campaign. She acted with integrity and class. And her campaign chief resigned.

Yet, Rick Dent, still has a job. This begs the question: does Mark Taylor approve of these tactics? Apparently, he does. Will Taylor step up to the plate and demand this negative pandering stop? I'm looking for evidence of statesmanship here, and the only place I see it is in Cathy Cox.

Here's a section of the AJC article. The balance can be found here

"Taylor's campaign, meanwhile, has taken credit for a slam at Cox that also was widely e-mailed. Rick Dent, Taylor's campaign spokesman, said he and others in the campaign created a Cathy Cox vignette for "their own amusement."
The ad parodies a conference call last week put together by the Cox campaign to poke holes in Taylor's claim that he sponsored the HOPE scholarship.
"When I saw it, I thought it was so funny that I thought we should share it with everybody," Dent said. He said he placed it on a blog and then sent it to reporters.
Dent said that while the video was aimed mostly at political insiders, the Internet is an important campaign tool, from official campaign Web sites with advertising spots to blogs.
"It's a brand-new way of trying to inform and influence the public about what you're doing," Dent said.
Dent said the campaign has been in contact with popular Georgia political blogs such as"


ugadog said...

So, let me get this straight. Cathy alters an online bio to say attacking a family member of Taylor, yet Taylor is the one who needs to apologize. Wow.

And, then you want us to believe that Mark is in cahoots with Republicans even when Cathy's whole message is we need to be Republican-lite.

I think the Cox campaign is suffering from a serious case of bi-polar disorder.

Amy Morton said...

So, you also support Dent's tactics and think they are worthy of someone who wants to be Governor? You failed to address Taylor's lack fo action on this, so, like him, you are apparently fine with it. It seems like we will be seeing a lot more silly mud that helps Perdue from the Taylor camp.

Cox did exactly what she should've done. Now, let's see if Taylor has the guts to do the same.

JennyB said...

Cathy's people made one too. Yes, they don't admit to it. However, the voice sounds VERY much like a certain staffer putting on a southern accent. Also, who cares?

Don't you remember the hilarious Jib-Jab videos from the 2004 election?

Roll with the times. The typical age of a campaign staffer is in their 20's. This is the internet and high-tech generation. This is the "Daily Show" generation. This is how politics are made fun for this generation. This is the blogger generation.

Campaign tactics have changed. These are harmless. Both videos are hilarious! Republicans always say that democrats don't have a sense of humor. Lighten up!

Amy Morton said...

I get it: you, like Taylor, are fine with these tactics and defend Dent's actions. You can both make that choice, just don't expect anyone to take you seriously when you talk about about clean campaigning, something we ought to demand from Mark and Cathy.

In the same article where Dent bragged about his efforts to amuse himself, the Cox campaign said that they did not produce the other piece you discussed. I am quite sure that in the wake of recent events Cathy's staff is clear about what might happen to someone who does that sort of thing.

I think that it's one thing for third parties to play around with stuff like this, but it's not something that a serious candidate for Governor would allow in his or her campaign. The issue here is not whether the video was funny. Sure it was funny. The issue is that this came directly from Mark's spokesperson and that he used a REPUBLICAN blog to hit Cathy.

Simply put, Cathy acted; Mark did not.

Britt Andrews said...

"In the same article where Dent bragged about his efforts to amuse himself, the Cox campaign said that they did not produce the other piece you discussed. "

Jackson also said that Cathy helped create the HOPE. He has also called civil rights legend Ambassador Andrew Young a liar, yet today was trying to use Andy's name to help their campaign. Who can believe anything that comes out of Peter Jackson's mouth?

Amy Morton said...

Show me the money.