Friday, April 28, 2006

What Georgia Democrats Could've Talked About

This week, while we were all busy talking about campaign tactics, and slamming other Democrats, we missed the opportunity to talk about the $3.00+ that Georgians are paying for gas, the trial of Schrenko, the scandal at Hyundai/Kia, and a sex offender law that sheriffs say may actually make our children less safe.

Yes, while we were preoccupied with beating each other up, the Perdue Team, virtually got a pass on all of this. And that's the real problem.

If we want to win, then we may just need to re-think this strategy.

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Button Gwinnett said...

I don't know why more Democrats aren't more concerned about this. Obviously, we have to talk about our differences during the primary. But we should be talking about things of significance rathern than who started HOPE (since the future of HOPE is a critical issue now) and Wikipedia bios.

And we should be united in our disgust about the issues you just brought up. We're letting Sonny Perdue, Ralph Reed, Linda Schrenko, and George Bush off the hook. Add to that the continuing McKinney situation. This will only encourage Republicans to continue down their present course. Because we're doing everything we can to take the public's focus off of Republican transgressions.

I'm sorry to say that Democrats are off to a bad start in a key election year.