Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What Will Drive the Vote in '06?

Today, everyone is talking about The Ads: Taylor's and the one by Georgians for Truth, yet, just like the flaggers and the teachers of 2002, there are some obvious and some just-under-the -radar issues that will drive the vote this year.

I predict that a Democrat will become Governor in Georgia if:

1).....in November gas is over $3.00 a gallon.

2).....Bush's approval ratings continue to slide.

3)..... Ralph Reed is the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor.

4)......Medicaid cost recovery proceeds, and the state begins to seize estate assets to recoup nursing home costs.

5)....... Delta or another major employer tanks.

6).......Cathy Cox wins the Democratic Primary.

What do you think will drive the vote?


Tim said...

The donut in the Medicare Part D prescription disaster is one...teachers are another...women are the 3rd.

Amy Morton said...

You caught me in mid-edit! I changed my mind. See revised post. I agree about Medicare, too. And the teachers are saying, "We put him there, and we can take him out."

tribalecho said...

Didn't the Repubs give the teachers a big raise last year of so?

Getting rural GA to vote dem. I think there is a narrative out there that could do that.

Amy Morton said...

No, Perdue cut more than 2.3 billion from education during his first three years, and teachers only got cost of living until this (election) year, when they got 4%. Long, long passed due!