Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who's Running?

In Middle Georgia...

Lauren Benedict, a Macon attorney who is deeply involved and deeply invested in the community will qualify to run in HD 140. Lauren has been campaigning since December and has raised almost $40,000.00. She will be a very strong candidate. Her opponent, Allen Freeman, a republican, won in 2004 by only 80 votes. This is definitely a district democrats can win. Check out her website for ways to support and volunteer for the campaign. Rumor has it that there may be a third candidate in that race, so if anyone knows for sure, feel free to post.

Beth Perera, a Houston County business owner will qualify for Robert Ray's seat. In the wake of Ray's announcement, Beth is just getting her campaign off the ground. She will be a strong candidate as well.

Dee Yearty, who initially planned to run for Ross Tolleson's senate seat, will now run for Terry Coleman's house seat. Dee, also a business owner, and an educator by profession, will be an excellent choice for voters in that district.

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Tim said...

Dee is a great candidate, i'm glad she's decided to run for that house seat.