Friday, April 21, 2006

You'd Better Know Where You're Going...

Parrish, Channell, Royal: Do you know where you're going? My two cents? Don't let the door smack you on the rear.

For a number of years, I worked at a group home for children and teens. Sometimes, children would threaten to run away, and we would tell them that they'd better give that some thought because it's easier to decide to leave than to figure out where you're going next. I have to wonder whether the recent rash of spineless cowards who have defected from the Democratic party have given much thought to what/who they are getting in bed with?

They're joining the party of Ralph "Casino" Reed, Jack "The Money Man" Abramoff, George "The Decider" Bush, Tom"I'm Indicted" DeLay and Sonny "Do Nothing" Perdue. They're joining up with the party that supports big business and big developers at the expense of the average taxpayer- the party that this session wanted to give private developers taxing authority and condemnation rights.

They're joining the party that decided, in the midst of an education crisis, to embrace an "election strategy" instead of an "education strategy." They're joining that party that has endorsed 2.3 billion in cuts to education resulting in increased property taxes in 100 Georgia counties. The other 59 won't be far behind.

They decided to join the party that while promising ethics reform, instead enjoyed a 30% increase in lobbyist dollars, and the "Pork and Beans" Governor who so quickly developed a taste for fillet that he couldn't even come home for his kickoff, instead planning it for Cobb County.

And for what? The Governor and the Speaker have pretty well already doled out the prime committee assignments. What crumbs will they sweep up for themselves?

I want leaders in the Democratic Party- not folks who stick their finger in the wind to see where public opinion is, and then decide who they are and what they believe. I hope you fellows enjoy all the following you are about to do. You appear to be good at it

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politically blonde said...

yeah, we ain't done bleeding yet. The bad side of this is that it snatches re-control of the state house further from our hands and makes recruitment and training of 2008 and 2010 candidates for state house more important.