Sunday, May 21, 2006

Can Democrats Win in Georgia?

Bill Shipp noticed that Rudy Giuliani was in Georgia cozying up to Ralph Reed. While Ralph and Rudy joined hands despite disagreeing on gun control, gay rights and abortion, Georgia Democrats publicly flogged each other, and Republican blogs like Peach Pundit reveled in our discord, happily fanning the flames. And we wonder why the Republicans win.

And so, I ask, can Democrats win, statewide, in Georgia, or should we just phone it in? I certainly hope we can because another Perdue administration would likely result in things like continued undermining of our public schools, increased leverage for developers, and reduced access to the courts for our citizens. How bad would another Perdue term be? Look at what he tried, but failed, to pass and then imagine what he, unchecked by the desire for re-election, would be tempted to do. Do we want that reality? I am not in favor of win at all cost politics, but I do favor winning political strategy.

What's it worth-and what will it take-to defeat him??

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