Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Charlie Bishop Memorial Highway

As someone who grew up in a neighborhood off Forest Hill Road here in Macon, I am particularly concerned about plans to widen that road. Other citizens are equally concerned and signs that read "Save Our Forest Hill Road" have popped up in several locations. However, when citizens have voiced concern about this project to our County Commission, they have received less than a warm reception. In fact, the perception of Charlie Bishop, our County Commission Chairman, is that he has been dismissive of citizen complaints or concerns on this issue. Since the Forest Hill area is one that provided strong support to Chairman Bishop in the last election, one must question why Chairman Bishop appears so supportive of DOT plans when his own constituents are so opposed to it.

I know that it is premature to name a highway after someone who is still "alive" either literally or politically. But if Chairman Bishop continues down this "road" perhaps signs will appear on Forest Hill Road that read "Charlie Bishop Memorial Highway" marking the end of his political career.

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