Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cox,Taylor, Perdue: Minding (Whose) Business?

Wouldn't it be great to have a governor who focuses her time and attention on taking care of the people's business, as opposed to taking care of the family business? A quick look at the financial disclosures filed by Taylor, Cox and Perdue reveals that for both Taylor and Perdue, most of their fiduciary positions relate to their family businesses, while all of Cathy Cox's positions are with non-profits and educational institutions. Based on this alone it is obvious that Cathy Cox would be a new kind of governor.

Here's the breakdown:

Cathy Cox

  1. Georgia Historical Society: Board of Curators, Ex-Officio
  2. State YMCA of Georgia: Board of Directors
  3. Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation: Board of Directors, Ex-Officio
  4. Mercer University: Board of Trustees
  5. Wesleyan College: Board of Trustees

Mark Taylor

  1. Fred Taylor Company, Inc.: Director/Vice President
  2. Taylor Property Management, LLC: Member
  3. MML Limited Partnership: Member
  4. Linda Taylor 2005 Irrevocable Trust: Trustee

Sonny Perdue

  1. Perdue Inc.: Director
  2. Houston Fertilizer & Grain Co., Inc.: Director/Sole Stockholder
  3. Perdue Family Limited Partnership: GP & LP
  4. Agrowstar LLC: Member
  5. Perdue Farms: Owner/Operator
Candidates are required to "name all fiduciary positions held by the candidate for public office or the public officer." "Fiduciary" refers to holding something in trust for another, and generally implies that the person is entrusted to act on behalf of others: a lot like what a governor does.

I think that this is but one example of how Cathy Cox would be a different kind of Governor than either Taylor or Perdue. Her ongoing commitment to community service, even while serving as Secretary of State, demonstrates to me that she would put the interest of the people of Georgia ahead of her own personal and financial gain. That's the kind of difference we need!


Cyndi Lynn said...

This is like beating a dead horse. I don't understand why the Cox campaign keeps trying to make an issue out of this.

"Wouldn't it be great to have a governor who focuses her time and attention on taking care of the people's business..."

YES! It would be great if she focused on ANYTHING of importance!

Amy Morton said...

Let me make sure I understand you, moto. You think that Mercer University, with the Medical School with the mission to send doctors into underserved areas of rural Georgia, the Law School, the Family Therapy porgram, and much more is unimportant? Or maybe it's her bio-fuel initiative you think is unimportant, or maybe her agenda to get meth off our streets? Those things are very important to most Georgians, just apparently not to you, Sonny and Mark.

MelGX said...

It's odd that any and all pro-Cox statements are dismissed as coming out of the campaign. They are so envious of real grassroots support.

Button Gwinnett said...

Well, the other disappointing part is that moto and others have claimed that they want to talk about issues and things of importance. When an opportunity is presented, they let it pass. Surely Taylor supporters are as concerned about the future of Georgia's farmers, economy, fuel sources, and improvement of our environment.

So if they're not interested in talking about a supposed pro-labor candidate with ties to Wal-Mart or the potential for violation of state ethics rules, they should discuss the details of Cathy's ethics reform plan, education reform, or her public safety agenda.

Or maybe they could clue us in on Mark's plans for those issues..........cuz I haven't heard one word from him about his ideas on how to move Georgia forward into the future. It makes me think he has no plan, or no vision.

ksyster said...

The whole problem is ILLEGAL immigrants misusing this service. They are bankrupting EVERY social service that Georgia provides