Monday, May 1, 2006

Democrats Should Heed This Republican Tip

Over on Peach Pundit this weekend there was a nasty little internal war brewing regarding some College Republican strife that I know nothing about and could care even less about. But, Democrats, who have apparently forgotten that they have a majority to regain would do well to take note of what the Republican pundit, Erick Erickson did: he deleted all the "inside bickering" with this note:

"Come on kids, I was a State Chairman. Keep it in the house. None of you do yourselves a favor by letting this blow open to outside mockery. Water under the bridge. Move on along. There's nothing to see here. "

Republicans are not better than Democrats at governing, but the last two cycles, they have spanked us on disciplined campaigning and grassroots politics. When we have conflict, we don't just tear one another apart privately, no, we make a public spectacle of it and invite the Republicans to watch.

Based on the events of the last two week, dems would do well to heed this advice and keep the conflict in the family. Of course, that only applies if we want to win. If the goal is to vent, never mind this post.

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