Friday, May 12, 2006

Didn't Bear Repeating

You're right, SM, it didn't bear repeating, and so the post on Miles and Taylor is history. It was rude to repeat her comments and has no direct bearing on the debate. Obviously, I should not blog at 1 AM! Is it a fair assumption that Taylor and Miles are campaigning together?


angrydem said...

Amy, as i said in my comments before, I seriously doubt that Taylor would be campaigning with any other candidates. Same thing goes for Cox. Say Miles, for example, does something politically stupid (and getting into that SOS race does not count :))it would reflect poorly on Taylor. It is just not smart to do align yourself with someone you do not have control over. Sure Taylor and Cox might endorse or show support for any number of candidates, but very unlikely. THey will play the same game any other politician would play, and just say nice things about all the candidates. No need to possibly alientate yourself from potential voters by supporting one candidate over another. That being said, I do not know the truth, but i would put good money on it.

Also, i wish you had kept up the original post, as I think a lot of people out there could benefit from a discussion on the issue I brought up. At any rate, thanks for listening to my point of view.

Amy Morton said...

Well, I do value dialogue but think that it is important to focus on the issues- there are so many! I also think that when you screw up, it's best to acknowledge it, fix it and move on. Thanks for your comments, though, and while we don't agree about everything, you made some good points.