Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Facts: Cox, School Funding and HOPE

Despite the rumbling from the Taylor campaign and the republican blogs, when Cathy Cox was a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, she voted to increase school funding and to expand the HOPE scholarship. Not only did she vote for the first and second round of funding for HOPE, but she also voted to remove the eligibility cap on family income and to enact safeguards to protect the scholarship. She also toured South Georgia in support of the program.

If you doubt any of that, here's the record:

Cathy Cox voted for budgets increasing education funding.
HB 202, 1995, HB 1375, 1994, HB 259, 1993

Cathy Cox's 1993 budget vote funded the first HOPE scholarships.
HB 202, 1993

Her 1995 budget vote removed the income cap on HOPE scholarships.
HB 202, 1995

In 1994, Cathy voted for SB 710, which mandated that no program started with funding from the lottery would be continued with general funds and for SB 711 which created a lottery reserve fund.

In 1995, Cathy was one of five state legislators that toured South Georgia touting the Democrat’s record on HOPE. The Democratic presentations were focused on the technical details of Gov. Zell Miller's proposals to fund pre-kindergarten programs and the HOPE scholarship program.

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Button Gwinnett said...

It's kind of hard to have a HOPE scholarship without funding. Thanks for looking up those records, Amy. It shows that Cox has done her part in seeing HOPE to fruition. Kudos to Mark for doing as he did. But the main issue remains how to preserve it. Mark's spending too much time looking back and not forward on the issue.