Tuesday, May 9, 2006

A First: Bloggers Choose Questions for SOS Candidates

I need your help. If you had the opportunity to ask the SOS candidates anything, what would you ask? Here's your chance to do just that.

Tomorrow night, the Bibb County Democratic Women will host a forum for the Secretary of State Candidates tomorrow at Macon City Hall at 6:30 PM. Most of the Democratic candidates will be on hand.

The forum is open to the public, and I, along with journalists, Jamie Gaudet and Charles Richardson will be posing the questions to the candidates. I thought that it would be a unique idea to bring in questions from the readers of this blog. So, with that in mind, please take a moment and reply, submitting any questions you would like to have posed to the Democrats running for Secretary of State.

I will pose the (serious) questions and report back the answers after the debate tomorrow night.

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