Friday, May 5, 2006

Governor ALEC

Have you ever wondered why some of the legislation put forward by the Perdue Crew has seemed so neatly packaged, yet foreign to the needs of Georgians? Look no further than ALEC: the American Legislative Exchange Council. This neoconservative think-tank is largely responsible for creating and driving the National Republican Agenda. Ever wondered why Republicans seems to be saying the same thing at the same time? Wonder how the gay marriage amendment ended up on the ballot in all the key states for the 2004 presidential election? Thank ALEC.

Post-democratic majority Georgia is their favorite testing ground. The "testing" part of that equation is, perhaps, why we Georgians have paid so many legal fees defending "groundbreaking" legislation, much of which has been or (I think) will be held unconstitutional.

ALEC is the engine that drives the "wedge issues" like gay marriage and abortion that have very little impact on day to day life, but have the potential to drive voters to the polls. From the developer-friendly secrecy bills of 2005 to waiting periods, to school vouchers, thank ALEC. Don't believe me. Take a tour of their website, and you will see that Perdue doesn't even have to be creative: the boilerplate legislation is there for the taking. Personally, I think Georgians have taken quite enough and deserve solutions tailored to our needs- not the needs of the National Republican Party. So, when you see Perdue's name on the ballot this fall, just be aware- he's really just a straw-man for Governor ALEC.

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