Thursday, May 4, 2006

How 's Zell Going to Sell This?

So, I'm wondering how Zigzag and Switcharoo will explain this one away. Personal income in Georgia has declined 2% over the last five years. This income decline occurred in the face of skyrocketing healthcare and fuel costs leaving families with fewer and fewer dollars for other expenses.

Today, USA Today ran a story about increases and declines in personal income that described which states were doing well, and which states were doing not so well. Georgia ranks 49th, right behind hurricane ravaged Louisiana. Yes, Sonny's done a great job. Just ask him. Oh, I know what Sonny and Zell will probably try to blame Roy Barnes or those pesky Democrats who refused to give developers carte blanche. The problem with that argument is twofold: Roy's not running, and Sonny, who has been in a position to make a positive impact, has not.

Actually, the article points to Georgia's job loss rate as the key contributor to the income drop, and it was not Mark Taylor and not Sonny Perdue, but Cathy Cox who proposed that all three candidates for Governor go together to approach Ford about staying in Georgia. Of course, that did not happen because Sonny did not agree to go. It was ultimately Shirley Franklin who got on a plane.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Among the most troubled

Louisiana. Hurricane quatrain knocked $4,032, or 14%, off income, pushing the state to the bottom. It was the first time Mississippi was not ranked the nation's poorest state.

Georgia and North Carolina. These 1990s boom states declined. Georgia's income fell 2% over five years, worse than any state except for Louisiana, because of trouble in the transportation and telecommunication industries. North Carolina had the sixth-worst drop in income after losing manufacturing jobs.

Industrial states. The decline of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois accelerated from 2000 to 2005. The four states reached their lowest rank ever in per-capita income.

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