Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Look What "Sonny Did"

One hundred Georgia counties have already increased property taxes to cover Switcharoo Perdue's 2.3 billion in overall cuts to education and the the 1.25 billion in cuts impacting local school districts.

Now, with the Governor's timely "change of heart" more increases are certain to follow. As is common with election year feel-good legislation, Perdue is happy to take credit for teacher raises and reducing class sizes, but he is unwilling to fully fund those initiatives, leaving the tab squarely on the shoulders of local property owners. The Perdue Team has, by default, raised the taxes of most Georgians and should have to answer for that on the campaign trail.

Bibb County alone will need to raise another 8-9 million to cover the costs of the increased mandates, and that's before the 65% rule is fully implemented. Unless someone finds some money trees, expect taxes to go up.

Here's the kicker. Some Georgia counties can max-out their millege rate, and they still will not have enough money to comply with unfunded state mandates.

Using the bank accounts of property owners to pay for his election strategy is not the answer to the education crisis in our state. I say we "un-elect" Perdue!

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