Sunday, May 14, 2006

Perdue Ad "Beyond Stretching the Truth"

Today, the Macon Telegraph's editorial, Perdue Ad is Plain Wrong issues a blistering rebuff to Governor Perdue for inaccurately representing the status of the state's finances when he took office. Here's a portion:

The voting public should never be surprised at the length politicians will go to in stretching the truth when campaigning for re-election. A prime example that goes well beyond stretching the truth is Gov. Sonny Perdue's assertion in a television ad, paid for by the Georgia Republican Party, that he inherited the "worst state budget crisis since the Great Depression" when he came into office.
Reality is vastly different. When Perdue defeated Gov. Roy Barnes in 2002, there was no state budget deficit. In fact, instead of having to wrestle a $640 million deficit, as the ad says, the state had $200 million in its reserve fund on June 30, 2003 - six months after the man from Bonaire took office.

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Button Gwinnett said...

This is kind of reminiscent of the Reagan administration's treatment of his predacessors. The man spent his entire first term blaming every problem on Carter (right or wrong) and even took shots at Ford and Nixon. Anything to deflect criticsm of his policies was fair game I guess.

But people in GA are smarter than this. For the most part, GA has always been a well run state fiscally compared to other states. Say what you want about Roy, but he didn't leave that kind of mess. And Sonny knows that.

Running an ad that seeks to make excuses for his failures and diminish his political opponents? Yeah, Sonny did that too...........